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Holiday Rental Services in Malta

Key holding

Key holding is the basic service that gives our customers access to the full range of property services. Key holding is a monthly and gives you access to our assistance services 365 days per year.

Cleaning / Changeovers

Property cleaning and linen service between rentals or mid rental if required, on a two week rental period for example. We will ensure that your property is cleaned to the highest standards and that fresh linen is provided for your guests.

Meet and greet

If required, we can meet your guests at the airport or the holiday home and welcome them to Malta. This is an extra level of service that some guests really appreciate. It gives us the opportunity to point out particular areas of the holiday home and answer any questions the guests may have. It may also avoid the expense of a call out by the guests for something that we could have shown them on arrival, possibly saving you money.

Property security checks

Leaving your property empty and unattended may attract unwanted attention and could affect your property insurance. We can arrange to visit your home on a regular basis or as required to ensure it remains in perfect condition and ready for your next guests.

Regular and ad hoc maintenance

All property requires regular maintenance, but inevitably things go wrong and we can be available to react to problems as they arise, including callouts and weekend coverage. Where required, we will accompany tradesmen to your property and also ensure that works are completed to a satisfactory standard.

Property refreshing and setup

If properties have not been rented for a while, then they will normally need a quick clean to bring them back up to standard before the first guests of the new season arrive, Equally, properties that have not been rented before will most likely require a clean and certainly setting up ready for the first guest.

Deep cleaning

Where required, a deep clean can be carried out to refresh the property. Typically, this would be carried out at the end of the season

Other services

The list above is by no means exhaustive as each property owner requires different services, but provides an indication of the types of service we can give. If there are any other services you may require, then please use the contact form or give us a call. We will be happy to help.

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